About us

ARC is the first and only company in Ecuador with the Environmental Manager license in category II, with the export license and the End Use certificate.
Dedicated to the collection, processing and recycling of used cooking oil daily throughout Ecuador. You can find our office in Pintag.

Arriving from a country that is literally below sea level, staying at the waist of the Andes, is a sample of character. Bessel Pieper, Dutch, sees problems as a challenge to solve. One day he realized that the used oil was going to be given to the sewer or to the landfill. Coming from a culture of recycling, it was proposed to apply the experience of his country in ours, so in 2014 he created the company ARC (Recycled cooking oil).

Your business idea has a positive multiplier impact: it prevents used cooking oil from contaminating water and blocking the sewer system of our cities; prevents it from leaking into the black market that adulterates it and is sold as new. Avoid mixing animal feed or various products that are a negligent risk to the health of the human consumer. It generates a source of income as an incentive for those who collect waste, as well as foreign exchange for Ecuador for export, and finally ensures that this material becomes a source of green energy: biodiesel.

The gringuito, as he is affectionately known in the markets or restaurants where he collects used cooking oil, emphasizes that he focuses on preserving mega diversity and the environment in Ecuador: “I want to work with people who have the conviction that they do the right thing It's good for the whole community: that's the value of my business. ” Do you join to be part of the solution? Click here https://www.arc.ec/2186/0/contact

We pay for your used cooking oil, we offer collection schedules from Monday to Friday, we provide you with our legal and certified orders, which support you every time you have an inspection by the authorities.

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